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The SinoMoGo™ China distribution platform and SDK provides developers & publishers with secure, direct access to the Chinese mobile market.

Direct China Mobile Distribution

Google play & services are not available in China; instead there are 300+ local app stores. SinoMoGo™’s simple 3-step online workflow guides you through the China app adaption process & distribution setup. When complete, Smartions info Ltd in China will distribute your app or game to multiple China app stores for broadest reach & take care of in-country operations & support.

Simple Plugin Integration

Obtaining access to China social & payment services can be impossible without a China partner. SinoMoGo™’s SDK provides developers outside of China with direct access to all major payment & social media platforms in China through self-contained & easy-to-integrate payment & social plugins that require minimal coding effort & eliminate the need to handle multiple 3rd party SDKs.

Accept Payments in China

To monetize your China audience you must provide Chinese customers with the option to pay for virtual items, goods, & services using China payment methods. Google wallet and Paypal are not accessible to Chinese mobile users. The SinoMoGo™ Payment Plugin (SinoMoGo™ SDK) means you can effortlessly integrate with popular payment services in China & accept payments from Chinese customers.

Connect with China Social Media

There is no Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Google+ in China; the market is dominated by local Social Media platforms. Integrating with Chinese social media to allow users to share & connect is vital to ensuring engagement & growth. The SinoMoGo™ Social plugin (SinoMoGo™ SDK) provides you with a painless solution to integrating your game or app with the top Chinese social media services.

China Analytics

Many analytics providers have no points of presence in China, meaning connectivity issues and loss of vital usage data & revenue analytics. As part of the SinoMoGo™ solution, we also offer you access to our China hosted analytics platform & SDK for real-time tracking of all user & session data relating to your Chinese audience, allowing you to gain useful insights into user behaviours & trends.

Professional Services

SinoMoGo™ opens up the Chinese market to mobile developers & publishers outside of China through the comprehensive distribution platform & SDK with no up-front costs, but SinoMoGo™ users can also access supporting professional services such as China market consultancy, localization & cultural adaption, promotion, campaign, & community management, as well as in-country Infrastructure / dedicated server setup, support, & monitoring.

Brand & IP Protection

The SinoMoGo™ SDK and plugins mean you don’t have to provide your source code to us or any 3rd party. You keep control of & protect your most valuable asset. Additionally, as part of the distribution & operation process, our China partner, Smartions Info Ltd. actively seek out and remove unofficial and pirate versions of your game of app from China app stores to ensure nobody else is undermining your brand or profiting from your hard work.

Fair Terms

Whilst we have to charge a package fee to cover part of the cost of service, we operate a China market-leading sliding scale revenue share split from 60/40 revenue to 70/30 (in your favour – after channel fees), meaning as your game or app grows, you see the most return. If your game or app’s revenue is below the min payout amount 6 months after release, you can opt-out of the agreement with payout.

Online Population in Millions

Latin America
United States

Chinese E-commerce Market

2014: $2 Trillion
2015: $2.5 Trillion
2016: $3 Trillion
2017: $3.5 Trillion

Growth in USD

China smartphone game revenues grew 371% in 2013.

- iResearch

74% of Chinese smartphone users download games.

- AliResearch

Internet Penetration

United States

In China there is no:

Google Play Facebook Twitter Paypal Youtube

Smartions in the media

Casual Connect China

Gamesauce Article

Smartions’ Causal Connect presentation and Patrick Wheeler (CEO Smartions AG) interview with Gamesauce on bringing mobiles games to China.

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Thoughtful China Interview

Thoughtful China Interview

Following on from the success of City Island 2 and Farm Up in China, Patrick Wheeler’s (CEO at Smartions Europe) talks to Thoughful China about the difficulties developers face when trying to enter the Chinese market.

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Russian TV Interview

Vesti Finance TV Interview

Rajmund Balogh, CTO of Smartions AG speaking on Russian television about the global success of games like Grand Theft Auto V & Angry Birds.

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Founder Team

  • Testimonial

    Patrick Wheeler

    CEO & Co-Founder Smartions AG

    About Patrick Wheeler

    Patrick is CEO and Co-founder of Smartions Europe and brings with him 17 years’ international work experience in the software development, localization, and gaming industries; making him an expert in all things related to digital strategy, development, and software delivery for international markets. Formerly CTO at a China focused tech startup and Head of Release & Localization at Aeria Games, Patrick has strong background running large-scale development, localization, and game release projects and teams as well as the practical application of in-country social and user acquisition strategies. Having worked with China for many years in different roles, Patrick is very familiar with the Chinese mobile landscape and larger macro environment. Focused on innovation, building effective agile teams, disruptive technology, and doing things differently, he also is known for writing impossibly long emails and being a comic book junkie.

  • Testimonial

    Rajmund Balogh

    CTO & Co-Founder Smartions AG

    About Rajmund Balogh

    Co-founder and CTO of the of Smartions Europe, Rajmund has 16 years’ background in IT as a Platform Architect, Network Administrator, QA Manager and all-round tech guru. Having worked internationally in both large multinationals and startups alike, Rajmund brings with him a deep knowledge of infrastructure, virtualization, and complex server setups as well as experience in scoping, planning, and implementing large scale cross-media platforms in China. To add to his already impressive track record, he also speaks 5 languages. A fanatical gamer, Rajmund has a seemingly endless knowledge of internet pop culture and trends that is both impressive and baffling.

  • Testimonial

    Hong Thieu

    CFO & Co-Founder Smartions AG

    About Hong Thieu

    Hong Thieu brings more than 15 years’ experience of corporate finance and corporate development to the Smartions founder group. Prior joining Smartions Europe Hong served as CFO in several German VC funded companies and oversaw two successful IPOs. As Vice President of a listed company for corporate affairs he has been responsible for corporate legal, governance, and investor relations. In addition to this, Hong’s background as Investment Director of a family office, co-founder, and Business Angel for several startups mean that Hong is not only familiar with the structuring and syndicating of funding rounds but knows the essential ingredients of great tech startup!

  • Testimonial

    Fang Liang

    CEO & Founder Smartions Info Ltd (China)

    About Fang Liang

    A Computer Science Graduate (B.Sc) of Griffith College Dublin and a hardcore gamer, Fang has many years development expertise working internationally with multinationals such as Microsoft and Sage Technologies as well as helping smaller business develop and grow in the Chinese market and developing games and apps for the China market. Returning to China in 2010, Fang founded Smartions Info Ltd (Smartions AG partner in China), a China web and mobile development company with a difference. The mission; to establish and maintain a small but select game and mobile development team focused on building disruptive technologies, great games, and adapting and publishing western mobile games and apps for/to the Chinese market. Despite having trouble with many words in German including “Schnitzel”, Fang has a real talent for reinventing the English language.

  • Testimonial
    Mark Peeters, Owner & founder, Sparkling Society

    We are really excited to see the huge uptake of City Island 2 in China. Definitely we’ll be looking to bring future titles to China via SinoMoGo!

  • Testimonial
    Charles McLeod, Former BD Director App Publish, Inmobi

    The team at Smartions certainly know the Chinese mobile and gaming market. Their expertise, guidance, and comprehensive view of the complex mobile landscape are a real benefit to any developer seeking a trusted China partner.

  • Testimonial
    Pim Bouman, ‎Founder & CEO at Gamious

    Smartions have demonstrated great dedication and skill in their work. Their market expertise is a valuable resource when exploring effective distribution channels in China's ever growing mobile market.

“To know the road ahead, ask those coming back”

Our Clients

At Smartions we have supported a number of companies in establishing and consolidating their mobile presence in China, enabling them to effectively connect with and monetize their Chinese audience whilst protecting their IP and brand. We have worked with clients ranging form small startups and game development houses to large and renowned game publishers and multinationals.



















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Whether you are interested in China mobile adaption, distribution, and monetization via our SinoMoGo™ Platform and SDK, are seeking related China game services and consultancy, or simply are looking for some early China market-entry guidance, please feel free to contact us.

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